Looking for an apprenticeship!

does any body know of anyone looking for a 1st year apprenice in diesel machanic or just vehical machanic in the southern area of south australia?

Does Austraila make use of a apprentice program? I dont know of anyone who has even been turned down much less been accepted into a apprentice program here in the U.S.

There are very very few apprentice programs here in the US. At least on the way they use to be. If a company offers one…they usually only offer it to people who are already employed there. My nephew (after getting laid off at Chryco a few months ago) started working for a small tool & die company…last week he just got accepted into an apprenticeship program at the company…

As for mechanics (at least here in the states)…I don’t know of anyone (big or small) who will hire a mechanic who doesn’t have at least 2 years of school…usually (ASE Certification). They just don’t take someone RAW and try to train them. Sure there’ll be some training for 2-year tech school grad…but the training should be minimal…AND with the training you have a better chance of hiring a person who is capable of doing the work. Several places will hire directly from a local tech-school…or have a co-op program with the school.

well actually they do have machanics that take on aprentices at an early age if they have at least finished year 11 they put them on a 3-4 year apprenticship on a apprentice salery ($8.50p.h)there are a few major companys hireing like cat cav power like excavating and stuff but i cant seem to find any others but there are a few in aust especially in the mineing area.

That might be in your area…I haven’t seen it here. I know a couple of kids my daughter and son went to school with who really wanted to be mechanics…Their ONLY way in was first going to a tech school for 2 years…THEN AND ONLY THEN would anyone hire them as an apprentice.

BMW had a long runing training program know as “step student”. When the student finished he typicaly had a bill over 30,000 dollars but in the past this was picked up by the dealership that hired him,this is not happening any more as the students were not getting hired and the program has ended.