Looking for a used car

My wife and I have 4 grandchildren. We are looking for a used vehicle reasonably-priced and reliable that can seat 6 safely; the last two rows can fold flat, has enough room for us to sleep in when we are on the road, and low enough roof to mount a canoe given our ages - this is not a strict requirement. Thanks


Price Range ?
Joe, We Need To Know How Much You’re Willing To Spend.


Mini-van. Avoid pre-2005 Odysseys due to their transmission problems.

A minivan with left and right power passenger doors would work especially well. You two can step onto the van floor to arrange to canoe on the roof. No matter what you get, you will have to lift the canoe overhead. I know that the Dodge and Chrysler minivans have fold flat seating.

And we really do need to know pricing so that we can suggest specific years. If the price is too low, none of the vans will have fold flat seats.

Another vote for the full size minivan, especially where kids are involved. I would not avoid a new Odessey because of any transmission issue but would with any older used model over if it’s a long term keeper. All the full size ones have their different advantages. I would Shop by personal preference and dealer reputation.

Can not afford too much - that’s why the necessity to look for an older car - ~ $7000 and possibly higher

A 2005/2007 Chrysler Town and Country has fold flat seating and is in your price range. The 2007 Touring could be up to $10,000 on a dealer’s lot. Look for a base model or LX. The Touring model is more expensive, but you might find an attractively priced one from a private party. The Dodge Grand Caravan is similar to the T&C and also in your price range.

A ChryslerTown & Country or Dodge Caravan with Stow n Go seating!!

These vans are what keep transmission shops in business…