Looking for a replacement for a 2007 Kia Rondo

I have a 2007 Kia Rondo 65,000 miles v6. A little hard and gas and not a smooth ride but plenty of room. What do you suggest I purchase new. Similar to a Ford Focus of which I found cramped. Considering: ride, economy, roomy enough for a 6-foot 69 year old man.

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Without knowing your finances or really much of anything else, try a Toyota Camry. I’ve never had trouble sitting in one of them (also 6’0") (granted I also don’t have problems fitting into my 2009 Focus either)

Rather than taking random suggestions that will undoubtedly ignore some of the viable vehicle options, the OP should buy a copy of the Consumer Reports New Car Buyers Guide.

This publication–which is available at Barnes and Noble and some other large news stands–provides a comprehensive examination of every vehicle sold in the US marketplace, divided by size and price class.
It includes historical reliability info, interior measurements, MPG ratings, road performance ratings, and everything else that you might need in order to narrow-down your options before you visit showrooms.

Asking for opinions on a forum will just get you personal recommendations. There are good vehicles that I would not have any thing to do with and some that I like you might not even walk across the street to see.

Every vehicle brand has a build it yourself feature where you can see and compare models and options and prices. That alone will let you make a list of what to go see.

If you only need seats for 4 try a Honda Fit, amazing amount of room in a small vehicle.

Was the ride always rough? You might just need new shocks or struts. If that improved the ride, would you be willing to keep your Kia? With super low mileage, it probably has a lot of life left. If you want a new to you car anyway, I understand. Describe wat you need and want in a different car and maybe we can figure something out with you.