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Looking at buying 2001 Nissan Xterra

I am interested in buying a nissan xterra . right now looking at a 2001 with low mileage. what problems should I look at?

None , what you do is have a good shop look this over for about 125.00 to see if it has any apparent problems just like any 19 year old used vehicle. That will not mean you won’t have repairs to make but does improve your chance of not wasting your money.

At one time I drove an Xterra a few years newer than that regularly as a company vehicle and I can tell you the 2wd version was simply dreadful in snow. The rear end was very light and there was no traction. If you’re in an area where it doesn’t snow or if you’re looking at a 4wd model that won’t apply. Beyond that, +1 to having it checked out by an independent mechanic you trust.

thank you…I was definitely looking at a 4x4 as I live in the snow…thank you for your comments…

All the more reason to have a shop look at this vehicle . 4 X 4 repairs can be pricey.