Long-term update and thanks

Last year I posted this: http://community.cartalk.com/discussion/2293420/this-clutch-problem-even-has-the-car-specific-forum-guys-stumped#latest question.

I parked the car last year because I didn’t have time to get to it, and then winter happened, and I just didn’t feel like being under a car in a -20 degree garage for several hours.

I ended up pulling the master and slave cylinders. They were both shot. Rather than rebuild, I just installed new ones - ended up being cheaper. I know the sentiment of some with vacuum bleeding isn’t overly positive, but for bleeding that clutch, I’m 100% sold. It’s normally a long and arduous process, especially since the master is in the front of the car and the slave is in the back, and angled such that the bleeder screw is below the highest fluid point. I read horror stories of people pumping at the clutch for 2+ hours and still not getting it bled. 5 minutes with the vacuum bottle and I was done.

The front engine mount’s rubber bushing was also shot, which was allowing the engine to flex around. That’s no good - it tore my flex pipe - the new one gets installed next week. So I put a polyurethane bushing in as long as I had the mount out for the slave cylinder replacement. Now the cabin has a bit more vibration at idle, but I don’t really mind - it’s not like I do long road trips in this little weekend toy. It’s much more responsive now that the engine isn’t rocking several inches when you hit the gas.

So, you guys called it, and the car is now back on the road. I figure I have at least a good 50 miles before something else breaks. :wink: Belated thanks to everyone who chimed in last year.

Good to hear. Glad we could help.