Long-Term Storage

I am curious about what steps to take for storing my 1967 Datsun indoors for a year or more. Thanks!

Where are you storing it? Is the car a daily driver? How much will you drive it after it comes out of storage?

Some more details will help us give you the right advice.

A 67 is an old car. I would hope you plan to keep it in a safe cool dry place.

I would suggest checking all fluids and change any that might be coming due (remember most fluids are to be changed based on miles or time .

For the fuel make sure it has a stabilizer in it and that the stabilized fuel has a chance to get through the system so it is all protected.

Battery, I would remove and store at a different location (makes it harder to steal a car if you did not bring the right battery with you). Put it on a battery tender (trickle charger made for this use)

You can usually turn off the collusion insurance, but keep the comprehensive active. Talk to your agent about coverage.

I do NOT recommend having someone drive it.

If you have vintage tyres, then I would get them off the ground. Modern tyres don’t need that step.

I would hook up a smart trickle charger and add a double dose of fuel stabilizer. I spend most of my time on the road riding a motorcycle, so my car and RV spend most of their time in storage. Don’t be cheap about the charger. “Battery Tender” brand is good, but it isn’t the only good smart charger out there, and make sure you follow the directions on the fuel stabilizer. You will need to add the appropriate amount and run the engine until the stabilized fuel is in the entire fuel system.

The first thing I have to ask is, was ethanol gas used in the engine? If so, you want to burn that off and add a non-oxy fuel to the gas tank. If you don’t have a source for non-oxy gas, then add this marine application, http://www.goldeagle.com/brands/stabil/products.aspx to stave off the effects of ethanol in older fuel systems.

Once that’s done, remove the battery and keep it on a battery maintainer. Or expect to replace the battery when you return.