Long term fuel trim is negative causing motor to run rich

So I’ve replaced the cat the spark plugs most of the exhaust pipes brand new A/F ratio sensors the new cat is slightly glowing red assuming due to rich fuel mixture I checked the vacuum lines and repaired some I found cracked or dried out no CEL or codes any ideas what’s causing this ???

You are not getting an answer because your question is one long run on sentence. It is not clear on what you have done, what the symptoms are and what do you want to know.

I made two assumptions based on the title alone. One is that you have access to a code reader and two that you do not understand what LFT really is. I was going to tell you that your engine is NOT running rich, but the new cats glowing red kinda threw me. But then you say there are no CEL codes and that really messed up the post.

Negative LTFT is not making your motor run rich, any more than a high reading on my thermometer is making me sick. The LTFT is measuring the rich condition, not causing it.

I agree with @keith on the lack of details and context; you should not have replaced the cat until you figured out what ruined the first one (if it even was in fact ruined). It sounds like you need to take this vehicle to a qualified mechanic for diagnosis.

As an amateur I think you need to check the other input sensors to determine what is causing the rich mixture. Air, engine temp, MAF, etc. You’re gonna ruin that cat in short order.

You could have a leaky fuel injector delivering too much fuel, even though the computer is trying to deliver less.
How did the old plugs look?
Did you use OEM A/F sensors?
Is it ever hard to start?
Have you checked compression?