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Long suffering

My Daughter put my wifes 2000 Honda Accord in the ditch yesterday,the right fender is crunched the alloy wheel busted and both airbags deployed, is it totaled? it has 200K on it and was in fair condition(ran great)-Kevin

The deployed airbags drives up the repair costs. Takes this out of DIY territory. Most likely there is significant damage to the suspension parts on the right front too. I’d say totaled.

Check for true market value, but a 2000 with 200K miles is in the $3000 area. I don’t think you’ll get it out of a body shop much cheaper than that.

Unfortunately…I think Uncle Turbo is right. The useful and economic life of this little Accord is over. It’s now a parts car.

+1 That’s a shame.

Time To Settle With The Insurance Company. Do Your Homework. Don’t Be In A Hurry To Settle.


I’m sure you insurance compnay will call it a write-off. I saw a Mustang in a body shop some time back. It had some front end damage, but both airbags had deployed. The body man told me the airbags were $5000 alone!

A car 13 years old with over 200K with a teenager driver probably does not have collision coverage on it, Just a guess.

With this much damage, you wouldn’t really want the car to be fixed. Just be thankful your daughter is OK and that it wasn’t a new car that she put in the ditch.

Thanks guys,you wouldnt believe what the bodyshop owner told he could put airbags back in it for,I couldnt believe it,So I guess now it depends on the other damage,will keep you all posted after the insurance company speaks -Kevin

You may want to take care of this without getting your insurance company involved as long as there was no property damage or injuries to your doughtier or any one else. Making a claim on this means her insurance will go up and if the unthinkable happens and she gets in a second accident within a year or two could be a real problems with insurance.

You may be right Americar,but this a test of the mettle of our new insurance carrier also,after a $3400 claim (and it wasn’t even the wife’s fault, she was legally parked and the rescue squad backed into Her,The rescue squad said they were exempt even though they had insurance and it was their fault) so after years of accident free driving with a total of $3900 in claims,our previous carrier dropped us-Kevin

You should figure out the math before making a claim. If the insurance gives you $2000 on the vehicle and you have a $500 deductible you will only get $1500. Then ask your agent how much your insurance will go up for the next three years. This could be as much or more then $1000 over the three years. This makes the insurance pay out only $500. Now ask your agent what could happen if your doughtier gets in a second accident. She could get Kicked off the policy and have to get expensive high risk insurance if she has a second one. It maybe best to eat the $500 bucks and take a mulligan. But only you will know whats best after figuring it all out by discussing everything with your agent.

This true I’m hoping she will be on her own before long,in 19.5 years of marriage the only claim I ever put on our insurance was when a deer slammmed into the right quarter panel on my 99 Nissan in 2001-Kevin

I’d talk to a lawyer about your incredibly unprofessional rescue squad. IMO, they owe you big time. You not only lost the car, you lost your insurance and I’m sure that you now have to pay for a high risk policy. Because of who hit your car, the whole county should have to pay for your loss, not just you.

One more thing: There is nothing that local politicians like more than sticking it to public servants that ignore their duty. I’m sure that the rescue squad does great work in fire and rescue, but they can’t careen around the county without consequences. Any good politician will see the value in “wailing the daylights” (figuratively speaking) out of public servants. I used to car pool with one, and said that it’s great advertisement and completely free of adverse consequences. If the lawyer route doesn’t work, contact a hungry local politician that can put the screw to these guys.

Thanks JT,I’ll certainly mention it to the Wife,I never thought about it that way before that was entirely unprofessional,what happened was my wife does home health and this patient got bad and my wife called the rescue squad,when my wife showed them what they done they just gave an indifferent shrug,I know this behaviour doesnt reflect on the other thousands of dedicated men and women who unselfishly serve on this vital need,it seems that some people just do this stuff for excitment,hats off to the true professionals like the EMT men and woman who make this country great-Kevin

You dont want this car fixed. Take what you get for it as is and go buy a car. Do not let anyone talk you into fixing this car.

Duly noted Oldbodyman,thanks- Kevin

well thanks folks ,heres the update,the insurance company totaled the car and the adjusters is working with my wife-Kevin