Lincoln navigator suspension

How difficult would it be to R n R the ball joints and control arms on a 2000 Navigator

Would a do it yourselfer be able to handle it, or is it best left to a pro

I’ve done it on a couple of vehicles, though not this specific model.

It tends to be a pretty labor-intensive job. The nuts/bolts on control arms are usually pretty tight and don’t get removed very often, and I’ve seen many that look to be rusted in place. That can make control arm removal something of a bear, especially if you don’t have the right tools. As for balljoints, some of them are easy to remove/install; others require a machine shop to pop them out or press them in, it all depends. Again, I can’t speak to your specific vehicle.

I’d suggest you consult a Haynes or Chilton’s repair manual and see what’s involved with this make/model. If reading the various steps involved makes you doubt your ability in any way, you’re probably better off letting a shop do it.

It appears that the ball joints are part of the control arm. The lower control arm has the torison bar splined into it so that is going to make it quite difficult if you have limited or no experience.

I would leave it to a pro.


Thats what i thought. Thanks bet thats going to cost a bundle