Lincoln LS V6 - P0022 Error: "A" Camshaft Position Timing Over-Retarded

Ok. Here goes.

My Lincoln LS performed normally up until a few weeks ago when the error code P0022 showed up in the computer. I’ve been trying different solutions to solve the error including: Replacing the VVT solenoid, replacing the camshaft position sensor, and doing an oil change.

I’ve also checked the ohm readings from the VVT solenoid with a multimeter and it’s getting signal (anywhere from 0 up into double digit range). Did a spark plug change just in case as well.

Read on this topic to death and every answer amounts to something going wrong with the VCT/VVT solenoid.

I have a new solenoid installed, so it can’t be a problem with the solenoid itself. I haven’t changed the wiring or connection. Is that the next step I should take? Other than that, the only other thing I can think of is the cam gears have misaligned themselves somehow, but I checked the timing chain and it’s in good condition and tight.

I’m a total newbie learning as I go with my car. Any suggestions?

EDIT: the physical change that happened to my car (five-speed transmission) is that in the highest gear I can’t accelerate past 2100-2200 rpm no matter how hard I press the gas down (flooring it is the only thing that gets me above 2200 rpm in the highest gear). If I start from 0 with my foot down hard the rpms can reach the maximum, but once I’m in the highest gear I can’t get the rpm higher than 2500 maximum.

Check the oil pressure.


Ask your shop to make sure the oil pressure is correct. Low oil pressure will cause this. And double check the battery and alternator voltages are within spec. Beyond that, you’ve already done the common sense things. I expect you’ve got a bigger problem going on, for example the cam-phaser or its linkage is binding or otherwise has a problem. If you have any camshaft position sensor codes, address those first, as that position sensor may be faulty. If there’s no power to the solenoid circuit or the cam position sensor, or either of those circuits is shorted to ground or power or is open, that would cause it. It’s probably going to take a visit to a shop having the necessary test equipment (Ford scan tool etc) to figure this one out. You’re using the exact oil spec recommended in the owners manual, right?

I am using the correct oil, 5w 20 synthetic blend and the rest, but a mechanic found out with a more advanced scan tool that I also had codes related to my TP sensor and TB motor voltage. They are p0223, p0122, p2100, and p2110. I don’t think the TB motor has a problem, it doesn’t stick as far as I know, but the TP sensor is bad, I think. Sometimes when I barely press the gas pedal the whole car surges for half a second, or if I let off the gas pedal quickly the car will surge the same way for half a second. Also, the my rpm drops by about 500 when in high gear if I keep the gas pedal at a constant pressure, not sure if that has anything to do with the sensor.

I’ll replace the TP sensor and see what happens.