Lights stay on while driving

I have a 1992 volvo 940 about a month ago I started noticing a burning smell and it was my brakes, they also make a squeeking sound and I took it to my mechanic upon which they will need to be replaced. Today I notice my battery,brake and system lights all came on and stayed on while I drove about 4 miles. Can you tell me if that has something to do with my brakes needing repair?

Nope. It has to do with your battery. Have the battery and charging system checked out.

By the way, a burning smell suggests that you may have a sticky caliper dragging a pad. be sure to tell the mechanic about it when you bring it in for repair.

I’m going to disagree slightly with my friend, mountainbike.
While it could be a sign of a battery problem, I think it is more likely that the alternator is failing. Simultaneous charging system and brake system warning lights almost always indicates that the alternator is in its last death throes.

My advice is to drive to a competent mechanic today, before you wind up stranded and in need of a tow. Incidentally, a failing alternator can wind up killing the battery, so in the long run, I think it may turn out that mountainbike and I are both correct.

Agree with VDC; just 2 weeks ago my wife’s Nissan developed an identical problem. The handbrake light and the battery light came on and the shop did a complete electrical analysis. The battery was nearly new and there were no shorts in the electrical system. The culprit was the alternator which was charging partially, and had to be replaced.

These two kind gentlemen are most likely correct. Have the system checked out. I should have put the battery subordinate to the alternator for this problem.

Hi guys, I drove the car yesterday and all lights came on as a pulled into my parking lot, thank God there was an empty spot, so I quickly parked the car as it cut off!!!
Also, I just had a new battery installed about a month ago, so maybe it is the alternator. Thanks to all of you guys for such good information!!!