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Light on again

In September, I had to pay a little over $995 for an “upper engine restoration” so that my car would pass emissions and so that stupid little light would go off. Guess what? A couple months later, the engine light is on again. I can’t afford another $995 dollars. I already had to withdraw money from my 401K for the last job.

We need detailed symptoms, MRI, and diagnostic trouble code, to begin.

You can’t simply assume that the cause of the CEL being illuminated is the same as previously.

You need to have the stored trouble codes read (free of charge at many auto parts retailers), and post those codes here, along with vital information such as make, model, and model year of vehicle, odometer mileage, and whether it has been maintained according to the mfr’s maintenance schedule. It might also be helpful if you told us what constituted that “upper engine restoration”.

Right now, nobody could hazard a guess as to what the problem might be.

did you post this before on the prior incident?

needs LOTS more illumination to see the problem.

First of all, what kind of car do you drive?

Secondly, what’s an “upper engine restoration?”

The light may be on for a completely different reason now, and it may be something minor, but there’s not enough information in your post to even guess what the problem might be.

Are you having any drivability problems? Any symptoms other than the light?

Step one go to an autoparts store for free code read or pay a mechanic to perform code read/diagnosis ($40-$100). The engine light does not mean $1000 automatically and can be something as simple as loose fuel cap if your vehicle is 1996+.

Also if you post back clearly post what was performed for $1000.