Life of the car warranty

3yrs ago my wife bought a rebuilt alternator from (ironically) a shop which had a good report in the cartalk mechanics/garage list, with installation - (ouch…I was busy) The owner told her it was life of the car warranty and she wrote that on the receipt and the mans name. Last year he tells me the warranty is not valid cause the suppliers are not in business. and gave me another with a 1 yr warranty(ran out last month) the alt is starting to whine/groan tho not very loud. What do you think? Mike

I would find another mechanic. He should have found you an equivalent warranted part, not one with a measly one year warranty.

I understand the bind he is in because the supplier went out of business, but he needed to do better with the replacement part. I, for one, never purchase the cheaper alternators with one year warranty; I go for three yrs to life, depending on the vendor/supplier.

I agree. A warranty is a warranty.