Liability ? Who should pay ? (REAR AXLE BEARING & SEAL)

Hello, New to this site and in need of some info. well my problem started around jan 20. this year my 92 gmc jimmy started to make a real bad grinding noise then while driving i can feel the trasmision not catching and other gears exept first i started to think it was the transmision so the next day i called around to find this shop (name i will not post)so i had a tow truck deviver it there were they tell me that to come the next day so i did. the next day i went over to their shop they told me that the transmision was in good shape and that the noise that i heard was from a loose bolt in the dust cover in the fly wheel they also said rear axle bearing and seal were missed up . they told me that they replaced the flywheel and torqe converter alone with the rear axle bearing and of those guy went to so me my rear axle bearing but the micanic working on my gmc already had put the new one back on and tossed the other.weel after a two hour wait my truck was done. now a week later there is no grinding noise but the truck started to shake badly so i pulled over to a empty lot and started to check to see if maybe a bolt came off the motor mount everthing was ok then i noticed some kind of fluid leaking the inside of the tire where they had did some work last so again called the tow truck and back to the shop after another long wait they tell me that i need a new rear axle that the gears messed up i asked about the leak and the micanic told me that was cause by the seal.

i asked if the seal came off causing the bearing to get messed up again wouldent that cause my wheel to move causing damage to the gears he said yes then told me that the gears where scared and it finaly went out but they were not held reliable then try offerd there sevice of $1,300

for part and labor after spending $ 500 + 50 towing

please give me some input on this please thanks

Sounds to me like the seal that finally leaked causing the ring & pinion in the rear end to self destruct could have been other than the seal they replaced. Generally, if one seal is bad the others are pretty shot too. Without specific details I’m reluctant to suggest that the mechanic was in any way at fault.

How many miles are on this trusty old '92?

It seems that the truck has started to come apart like a burrito without the tortilla to hold it together. It’s hard to find all the problems with the type of catastrophic failure in your axle housing. I’m afraid the bill belongs to the owner. I think the other axle bearing should be changed because the loss of fluid has probably caused it to burn the plating off.

thank for ur reply it was not the seal in the front of the defferntal it was the driver side wheel
my mile are in 250,000

Your driving a rolling relic(16 years old/250k miles) and expect things to go wrong since your parts are well past design life.

I understand why some mechanics don’t like touching old worn vehicles, they get blamed for problems ready to leap out them.