Lexus oil pressure

I have a 2000 ES300 with intermittant oil pressure light. It is a little above the full mark on the dip stick. How is the oil pump driven and is this common to this engine?

How many miles on this engine? Have you been careful to change the oil when specified and use the oil type specified?

Just a little above the mark should not cause a problem. How much is your “little above” (? inch or three inches) Three needs to be drained back down a ? inch does not.

The best answer is to take this to a mechanic and have the oil pressure tested with a manual gauge. If it passes phew its likely a pressure sensor, if not it is a moderate to serious amount of engine work.

Oil level really has little to do with oil pressure except when it is exceptionally low.

If I recall correctly, the 2000 Lexus had the infamous engine that was prone to turning the oil into sludge.

You should follow up on that to see if your engine is one of them and if it has sludge. The net is filled with Toyota/Lexus engine sludge information.

Joe is 100% correct.

Toyota had a major sludge problem that covered 3 model years.

How religious have you been changing your oil??

The cause for this was Toyota decreased the diameter of the cooling channels in their heads to increase the temp for better emissions. Did a great job at decreasing emissions…however the increased temp causes oil to sludge. You either have to be very very religious about changing your oil ever 3k miles or switch to synthetic.