Lexus dealer malchanic said they put 6-1/2 quarts in 2023 RX350h

For the RX350h’s first oil change I put in 6 quarts 0W-16 Mobil1 full synthetic and it was way too much.
Firstwoil (First two oil) changes are free but we had nopportunity to geto the dealership.
2nd oil change, 5 quarts and it istill above the upper line.
The Owner’s Manual is not clear on the amount. I should have measured what came outhe firstime.

Does the oil 1/4-inch above the upper dip stick line matter?
Or is it merely the height of oil pooled in the oil pan?

Thank you.

Looks pretty clear to me, page 571


No, it is a little over but OK.

I think it’s interesting that the OP complained–almost non-stop–about both his old Lexus RX and the dealership, but he has apparently bought a new RX. Surely I’m not the only one who recalls his renaming of that marque as LetsSuck.


Thank you.
Hard to believe thathe little screw-on oil filter holds .4 quart of oil.
Or are they compensating for the oil which pours out before the filter can be screwed horizontally onto thengine block?
Shall do 5 quarts from now on because the oil comes in 5-quart containers.

Wife buys what she wants. I just pay for it.

In a different thread he said his wife makes the car buying choices.

Suggest to pour in the exact correct amount. My Corolla uses 3.4 quarts, and like you I purchase oil in 5 quart containers. I just pour 1.6 quarts from a full 5 quart container into another empty 5 quart container, then I have exactly 3.4 quarts in the poured-from container, which I pour into the engine. 3.4 quarts, spot on. This method typically results in the dipstick showing a slight over-fill, 1/8-1/4 inch over the mark. Over the course of a half-dozen drives it returns to exactly the full mark.

Sort of worrying the oil capacity chart is on page 571 of the owner’s manual! Apparently they really want you to look for that info! … lol

What are the mpgs on the RX350h?

2015 and older RX have a 6.4 quart oil capacity, where did you speak with a “malchanic”?

Not sure.
It is also an authorized emergencyehicle and gets worse fuel mileage when traveling at high speeds.
Doubling the speed quadruples wind resistance (drag), I recall.

Shalhave to find whathe vehicle reads driving normally - if it can be.lieved.

Before I had access to The Book, I asked the Lexus Dealer whathe 2023 RX350h took.
“Would it also be 5.9 quarts like our 2021 RX350”?
He said they put in 6-1/2 quarts.
I put in 6.
After a trip and parked on the level garage floor, saw that 6 was too much.

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