Letter from Motor Vehicles Services: Are they legit?

“not to be unsympathetic but people need to spend a little time learning about their government so they know there is no division of corporations and the MV doesn’t sell warrantees. Guess I’m a little sensitive in Minnesota but people constantly criticize the government but don’t know the difference between state, local, federal, etc”

I couldn’t agree more Bing!

A perfect example of this type of ignorance would be the folks interviewed at various Tea Party rallies who vehemently tell the interviewer, “I don’t want the government getting involved in my Medicare or my Social Security!”

Really? Where the heck do those folks think that their benefits are emanating from?

Suggest you take off the bonnet and let the bee get away.

“They want the federal government controlling Social Security like it’s some kind of federal program.”
—George W. Bush, St. Charles, Mo., Nov. 2, 2000

Working for a car rental company, I can also tell you that these warranty companies that promise they’ll pay for a rental car are usually painful when it comes to paying for the rental. Mostly, I can tell you that it’s painful on my end. I can’t vouch for what my customers may experience, since I try to do that legwork myself.

In our Ford dealer shop, we never accept outside …uh-em…’‘warranties’’.
It usually turned out that we’d be on the hook for a month or two only to get paid partial or never get paid at all. Then not be able to get the out of town customer to pay up without a fight.

If you can’t deal with them yourself and get reimbursed, that’s your problem. And it’s usually the major problem.

Bing, I absolutely agree with you that people should learn more about their governments, but in fairness these scam artists are experts at making their names sound like, and the mailings look like, they’re an official office of the state or federal government. I was the Director of one of these departments for some yesr. And with the hundreds (nay, thousands) of offices that exist between the feds and the states, it’s easy for the even slightly impressionable to be fooled. I place 100% of the blame on the scam artists.

If you’ll excuse me now, I have to run off and order my 100% Tribute Proof of the new gold nickle, which comes fully certified as plated with 11 microns of pure 20 karet gold (or is that angstroms? I forget.).

Hey, I’d like to get some of those gold nickels.

Make sure that you order the ones that are hand-painted in 5 colors.
The ordinary old monotone coins pale by comparison with the ones that are hand-painted in a variety of bright hues. And, they are sold by an organization that vaguely sounds like it could possibly be an agency of the US Government!

Right. I love how well they can make themselves look like a real government agency. It’s almost as good as the guys in the photos making electric fireplaces that make themselves look like real Amish craftsmen. And the elder says “give the blemished ones away for free”. Right. Sure. Any time now.

Imagine an anecdote here.

MB…And they’re from the “New York Mint” right???

And for the slightly impressionable who may be reading…The US Mint in the East is in Philadelphia…“New York Mint” is the name of a company.

From what I’ve read on the web (and you need to take that with a grain of salt), if you make ANY changes to the car, they will deny the claim. Different brand of tires, denied, your tires added undue stress to the car. Put on different rims, denied, they weren’t designed for your can and put undue stress on the car. Can’t prove to them you changed oil on time every time, denied lack of proper maintenance, etc.
And they will only cover the cost of repairs only after you pay for the evaluation on the vehicle, plus a deductible ($100 according the contract I read), so you’ll pay probably half (or more) of the repair bill just to have it evaluated. For the kind of money they charge $3,000 to $5,000 for four years, (again from web searches) you’ll be FAR better off putting that money aside and paying for the repairs yourself.

I’m betting that Motor Vehicles Services didn’t list a web site so you could review the contract, but that phone number is used by Mavaro Solutions and if you go to their web site you can see the contracts they offer.
And here a link their sample contracts.

I don’t need experience, adventure, or excitement because at my age that means something bad is happening.

An extended warranty is nothing more than a poor, but expensive insurance policy. I think many people pay way too much for insurance to cover losses that aren’t that high in relationship to the premiums spent on the insurance policy. One reason may be that these people live from paycheck to paycheck with little savings.

I certainly want insurance for a disaster. I need health insurance for myself, homeowner’s insurance for my house and liability insurance for my automobile. If the car is new enough, I also carry collision insurance. However, I am willing to assume some of the risk. When I was a graduate student, I did have a little savings, but no health insurance. I found a company that would write a policy that had a $1000 per year deductible. I assumed the risk for the first $1000, but I saved a good deal on the premium. When my cars reach a certain point, I drop the collision. I have enough saved back to purchase an equivalent car. I have a deductible on my homeowner’s insurance. When we had a really bad ice storm several years ago, I had big limbs down in my yard and an eaves trough ripped from the house. For much less than the deductible, I purchased a chain saw to saw up the limbs and a new section of guttering.
I got all kinds of letters wanting me to purchase an extended warranty for our 2003 Toyota 4Runner. I spend far less than the premium for this extended warranty on keeping up the maintenance. I have saved back enough that if something major goes wrong, I’ll be able to fix the vehicle or replace it.

Motor vehicle services Is a scam… i fell into that trap and i asked to cancel … the process is a nightmare! The story they tell me is ooh the refunding manager is not in… we will send your check soon! I am at a stage of reaching my lawyer😭. I am frustrated to see these messages after i had paid them, they are so aggressive on selling but won’t pay you back. I have called several times in months… all in vain!!! This was my first vehicle from the dealership i thought i was required to extend the warranty…