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Less miles vs newer car

sadly I’ve been forced in to this situation. I woke up to my Ma’s car alarm…a neighbor drove in reverse a 1995 bronco(a tank)into my 04 Mercedes C230 crashing in to my Ma’s 1999 Saab moving them both 2 car lengths(good times). Both cars have been totaled but it’s the C230 that I am concerned with. Because it’s totaled I now need to get a new car…are less miles more important or less years. Thank you in advance

“Less Miles” Or “Less Years” Is Too Vague. I Would Need More Specific Information. The Degree Of Maintenance A Previously Owned Car Has Had Could Be More Important Than Either Miles Or Age.

Price is also a factor and it should be a funtion of make / model / options, age, miles and maintenance.

Give us some specific examples / choices and tell us if factory recommended maintenance has been adhered to and we’ll have some recommendations.


“Fewer” miles or “fewer” years is mostly a function of make, care and how the car was driven if reliability is your concern. According to CR, some 5 year old reliable brands have fewer problems than other new cars; but only if they are well cared for. Pick up a CR auto issue and start there. Like " c s a" implies too, I might accept potential problems in mileage or age if the price is low enough, the features are right and the car served my needs better.
I might pay top dollar for a used Vette but wouldn’t give a new Yaris house room for example, regardless of reliability issues.