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Left rear wheel alignment issue on a 2002 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport

Dear Mechanics Files,
The left rear tire on my 2002 Subaru is bald while the 2 front 60000 mi tires have about 10000 miles on them and the right rear has around 1000 mi on it. Mechanics have told me that they need to cut a bolt which has been “rounded off” and replace it in order to bring the left rear wheel into alignment and then have suggested that I buy 4 brand new tires in order to do a proper 4 wheel alignment. The other right rear tire is almost brand new. If I simply bought another new tire for the left rear would I be able to get a good 4 wheel alignment? Thanks, Moonmen17

You need four matched tires to prevent destroying your AWD.

Rounded off bolts in a cars suspension…mismatched tires wearing unevenly…I suspect there is more , much more, to this story…