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Left headlight/turn signal out: Related to battery problems?

I drive a 2001 Ford Escape. About two weeks ago, I went out to start it in the morning, and it wouldn’t start. My friend came over to look at it, and told me I needed a new battery. I replaced the battery, and did not notice any problems for a few days. THEN, out of nowhere, my left front turn signal stopped working. I went to buy a new bulb, but on the way back from Autozone, it spontaneously started working again. I shrugged it off and moved on. The next day, I noticed the battery light was on, and my turn signal was not working again. Later that night when I went to drive home, the battery light was off, and the turn signal was working again. The next day, the battery light was off, but the turn signal AND the left headlight were out. Now, the headlight and turn signal both do not work, and the battery light turns on and off as it pleases. Is my car possessed? What can I do to fix it? I know NOTHING about cars, so please speak slowly.

sounds like you have a short int he wiring to the light. It could be pinched or bare. Just follow the wires from the light (which can be hard to do) and look for defects. Happy hunting.

The first thing you should do is get the charging system tested. Making sure the alternator is working should have priority over the turn signal.

How old was that battery you just replaced? Perhaps the alternator wasn’t properly charging it.

If you are asking how to locate the problem yourself I would advise isolating the turn signals from the car by disconnecting connectors and/or pulling fuses. Then you could test the alternator and charging system independently.

If the charging system checks out, then you would turn to the lighting system as shannon durst suggested.

But testing electrical systems is not your thing, is it? Then there’s nothing to be done but to bring your car to a qualified mechanic. Explain the problem to him as you have to us and add “please don’t hurt me too much.”

Thank you all very much. I think I will take it to a mechanic (: