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Left behind

We planned to travel for a month or so, do we need to disconnect the battery from the car. The car is a 2005 Acura Tsx. What’s about the electronic (radio, nav, ect ) get damage without the battery?

As long as you have the radio code to unlock the radio/nav unit you should have no issues if you disconect the battery… Which BTW I think is a good idea if you do not have access to a battery tender.

Some vehicles don’t have a problem when the battery is disconnected and some do. Here’s a link that describes what can happen to some vehicles when the battery is disconnected.

You might contact the dealer’s service department and ask if there are any problems that may arise when disconnecting the battery on your vehicle.


You can avoid any hassle that ensues a battery disconnect by purchasing a battery float charger, or battery tender. Harbor Freight has one for only $10:

If a month or so, is like 5 to 6 weeks I don’t think you’ll need to do anything. If a month or so is really 2-3 months or more disconnecting the battery is a good idea.

Options are if you have a jumper box it is easy to start the car even if the battery gets run down. If you are near an AC outlet you can hook up a battery tender type charger. If the car is outside you can hook up a solar charger to maintain the battery.