Led strobe lights blink but not as bright

OK so I bought a LED strober which has four different modes I plan on wiring it to 4 LED interior lights however my problem is I have all of the 4 LED lights wired to the strober but once I turn them on and it starts strobing they’re very very dim when I tried this with a small 12 volt motorcycle battery and one LED strip the blink very brightly two and they still blink brightly but how come it wont work on the car I have all for positive cables from the strips meeting at one point and all 4 negatives cables meeting at 1 point Also and the strobe light contollers out is are connected to positive and negative points of all the lights and the strober is fed power thru fuse box and is grounded to chassis

you must have wired something in series, where it should have been a parallel circuit. I think

Its in a parealle all the positive wires from the leds are tied up as well as the negative then I just put the outs of the controller on the positive and negative connections please see if you can help me out I’m in the northeast and its cold right now

What is the purpose of the “Strober”…Connect an analog volt meter across the group connection point and turn everything on…The meter needle should move very little off the 12 volt mark…If it jumps around in rhythm with the strobes, you have a bad or inadequate connection. The chassis ground would the first suspect…

We only had to worry about a driver coming at us with his brights on. Now we’ll have to back off the car we’re following because the strobe lights from the back seat are hampering our sight.

I’m pretty sure every state has laws that will prohibit the OP in using these lights while on the road. So whats the point in having them. Get a transformer and put them in your bedroom.


The “strober” doesn’t have an unlimited current sink or source. What is the rating on the package? And how many LEDs are in each of the 4 strips you’re driving? Do you have any specifications for the LED bars?

On the face of it, it appears you may be expecting it to drive more than it can handle…