Leaves in fan

When I took my new car in because of a loud noise in the a/c blower, they told me there were leaves in there and showed me a baggie with ground up leaves in it. Two weeks later when I went back with the same problem, they showed me a baggie with whole leaves in it and said it would cost $365 to fix it so it didn’t happen. They also said it didn’t come under warranty because it was considered “car abuse” because I park under a tree. I decided to live with the noise, but now it is four years old and it is too annoying when I travel and turn on the a/c. Anybody have any suggestions?

You are lucky if it is still working. All those leaves can cause problems. Parking under trees is not a good idea if you can avoid it anyway. limbs fall and dent cars, birds and squirrel drop %&@$ and other stuff on it.

You need to clean all that stuff out. Since how to clean it varies from car to car and since you did not let us know what kind of car you have, I don’t think anyone can be very specific. You would start at the opening under the opening right in front of the windscreen. If you have to disassemble the dash to do some of the cleaning, you should consider replacing the fan as it is likely worn and may not last much longer.

It is a 2004 Buick LeSabre. I have no choice as to where to park it.

Then cover the air intake when you park it or clean the leaves away from the intake before you drive away.