Lease to buy?


The 3 year lease on my Honda Accord is up and I’m considering buying it. It has only 3,500 miles and is otherwise in fine condition. The buyout is 12,500.

Obviously, I don’t drive that much but I like owning a car. Should I return this one and try renting or zipcar for a while and then get another car later if that doesn’t work out or buy this one?


Might be a good way to get a nice car for a good price . Check the site for prices on your car . Often the leasing outfit will make a good offer a month or so before the lease is up . After all they aren’t in the used car business .


Your car if a 2005 is likely worth well over the $12500. If you need another car buy it. If you were to buy this car as anyone else you would pay far more than the $12.5k due to the low mileage.


You can’t get a much better car than an Accord, and since you’ve had this one since new you know EXACTLY what shape it’s in. If you want to own a car rather than lease one I’d say this would be the car to own.