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Learning to drive wothout hitting things

In response to the woman in Florida whose mom’s caretaker was hitting things with the van.

I use large appliance boxes and a deserted parking lot or street to teach friends how to not hit things. (Take the refrigerator out of the box first)

With some large boxes that the driver can see they can maneuver the car around them and learn to not hit them. Empty garbage cans work well too. They will make a nice noise when you hit them, but won’t dent the car.

Or just slow down and watch were you are going.

Get your vision checked. Hitting thing sounds like some other problem. Hand eye coordination?

Anything is worth a try, but if the bad driver in question has poor depth perception or some other vision problem, the box/garbage can method will probably not really help. The driver in question may have some type of impairment that others are not aware of.

Check moms Perscriptions

That driver needs to learn to DEFAULT TO THE BRAKES.
ie; when in doubt…don’t.

There is something else wrong with that driver as the others have said like sight and perception and the ability to know the difference.

My wife lost the vision in her right eye more than two years ago after driving 35 years with two good eyes.
This means the LOSS of depth peception and right side peripheral that we all take for granted.
---- SHE NEVER HIT ANYTHING…ANYTHING while, and since re-learning her driving perameters.-----

I would think that not hitting things would be a requirement for someone who drives other people as part of their job. In fact, I think it’s taught in Driver’s Ed.