Learning the Interstate Highways

The Biden administration made it clear far in advance of the Tesla purchase that EVs wer part of their agenda to increase US fleet mileage. The Pelosis disclosed all of their purchases as required by law. Mr Pelosi is a venture capitalist. They make incredible money because they know what they are doing. You and I could do this too if we took the time to understand the market and had the money and inclination to make it work.

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I hope they are not counting on Texas… Have you read the news, 6 major power plants are off line and many Texans are in Black Out conditions and the rest are being asked to cut back on electric use, No A/C, Yeah Right, I lived in San Angelo, Texas in the '90s. Today, it hit 103 degrees and it’s expected to be hotter tomorrow… It’s really difficult to charge an EV during a black or brown out…

… and it can also be difficult at times to live in the ONLY state in The US that lacks any connections to the other major power grids. Previously, Texans froze as a result of power outages during sudden cold snaps, and now it is happening during hot weather–which could be much more problematic, given their ambient temps. And, it is all because they want to be “independent” of other power grids.