Leaky Transmission

Caught between 3 quotes. Dealer wants to replace front seal which is leaking & rear since they are pulling the tranny. 2nd quote. Second guy major tranny chain - diagnositics all check out good. Replace front seal with leak. Probably need to replace bushing. Won’t touch rear if it is not leaking don’t mess with it. 1st quote 1019.00, then I got a call back with a reduction to 760.00. 2nd quote 859.00 + 350.00 if bushing is bad won’t know until tranny pulled. 3rd guy another tranny chain based on quote from dealer willing to do work for 485.00. Would you replace rear seal just because seems logical, but 2nd guy keeps saying no way. Don’t disturb it. What’s a gal to do in this case? Car runs great just did major maint. in July. 146,000 miles. If I had not noticed small spots in driveway - I would not have noticed this.

What year is the Camry and what was the “major maint”?

Your 3 quotes are from a dealership and two “major tranny chains”.
Unfortunately, you seem to be focusing on the places that traditionally charge the highest prices, and in the case of the “major tranny chains”, also have a reputation for poor workmanship.

Do yourself a favor and get the car evaluated by an independent trans shop that has been in business for at least 3 years. You will likely get a more honest assessment of what really needs to be done, a lower price quote, and much better workmanship.

The bushing behind the front seal definately needs to be examined and replaced if it looks worn. I dont know why they would tell you not to mess with the output seal, its simple enough to replace. I still would go with the second guy, he seems to be covering everything.


2000 Camry. Major in my mind $$$$. Rear struts & rear bushings, Fuel injection clean, Brake fluid flush, power steering flush, minor tune up, air filter, wheel alignment, 4 new tires, timing belt 3 seals and belts.