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Leaky Front Right Crankshaft Oil Seal

My 1997 Tercel recently started losing oil at an alarming rate. I took it into the local Firestone and found out that the Front Right Crankshaft oil seal is leaking. The total I was quoted for part and labor is $370.72 including taxes.

I have never had to do any major repairs on this car since receiving it from my mother. And I was wondering if $370 is about the right price for such a repair.

Thanks in advance!

You could get quotes from other mechanics and see how they compare. The price sounds reasonable to me. Just getting to the seal is a lot of work. I’d consider having a new timing belt installed, since the old one has to be removed anyway.

I would advise checking the PCV valve first. It’s easy/dirt cheap and a clogged PCV can cause the crankcase to pressure up. Excessive crankcase pressure can then force engine oil out past the crankshaft seal.