Leaking water

I have water leaking from bottem of motor it’s look like comming from oil pan its chevy1500 1999 4/4with a v6 motor but not for sure looked at oil no water in oil it’s really comes out when motor is running any help with this


You’re sure it’s coolant?

Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the water pump . . . common, but easy to replace

Crawl underneath and let us know

Better yet, take a picture, please

A note of caution . . . the intake manifold gaskets on the 4.3 V6 weren’t the best. They would tend to split, allowing coolant to get into the crankcase. They can also fail in such a way, that coolant leaks externally

Got under the truck looks like it’s coming out of oil pan it’s look like all coolant no oil

you water pump is leaking


Are you absolutely sure it’s not coming from the water pump, which is located directly above the oil pan on this engine?

If you’re absolutely sure it’s coming out of the oil pan, then your intake manifold gaskets are a goner, and you’ve got coolant in the crankcase.

Please post a picture

I thought the water pump is located in front by radiator my leak coming from back of motor tord transmission I’m a big dummy this is a6cyillder 4.3leeter on a1999 chevy pick up4/4


Yes, the water pump is located in the front

Anyways, regarding those intake gaskets. If they’re leaking, oil and/or coolant can trickle down the block, in the front or the back

Please post some pictures

Fluid can leak in one area and exit in a different area. You need to get under truck or put on lift with it running to see if can tell where leak is originating.


Exactly what are you disagreeing about?

Not disagreeing. He said leak looked like from back of motor and am saying that that isn’t necessarily where it originated. Unless I missed something.


You’re correct about the back of the motor

I did miss that

Thanks for pointing it out

Any one knows how many freeze plugs on this motor were are they located on 4.3 v6 1999 chevy 4/4 silverado 1500

The OP said water, if he really means water it is just the normal operation of the A/C drain.