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Leaking Kia Tire

Daughter and husband recently purchased a Kia Sedona 2010. One tire was constantly showing low on TPMS. Brought to a close by dealer who recommended replacing all 4 tires. Tire still showed low on TPMS and was under pressure. Brought back to tire place. Reseated tire but did not replace TPMS sensor. Tire still leaks.

Got some warranty from Big Box dealer, but not from Kia, I think.

What to do, as van is used to transport Grandkids?

Complain to Kia; check for service bulletin? Replace TPMS valve with regular one. Could wheel be cracked?

Tire dealer did not want to replace TPMS sensor and valve.

Been going on for at least 6 weeks.


Is the tire losing pressure. Usually will not sense low until it loses a good amount of air. There is a reset for some cars in the manual. This is there in case you rotate your tires and then it needs reset for its new position. Probably need a new sensor, but it can’t hurt to check the manual.

There have been numerous reports of leaking valve stems due to poor import quality control. Try having them replaced.