Leaking cooling system


I have a 2001 Passat with about 79,000 miles. A few mos. ago, my “STOP–check coolant” light came on, though I could not see anything leaking from below. I took it to a local VW specialist who said that the system seemed “full of gunk”; they said they would clena it out, etc. Well, they did that, and then called me at the end of the work day to say that now my radiator was leaking and that I needed a new radiator. Almost $900 later, they put in the radiator and then shortly thereafter (within a week or so), the care started leaking again, visibly. After 2 trips to other shops to try toidentify the leak, it was obviously from the radiator they installed. I took it back here, and they replaced the new radiator. At the same time, they said, “Your water pump looks like it may have leaked int he past, doesn’t look too good.” Next the coolant light came back on, and I ended up replacing the water pump for $600+. That seemed to work until now–about 1 1/2 mos. later, when I went right back to square one, the coolant light came back on and there doesn’t appear to be any coolant in the reservoir. Meanwhile, the car has never overheated. So, I put water in the reservoir yesterday and now I can see it clearly leaking underneath. My question is: 1)it seems like either the radiator or water pump never needed to be replaced, never solved the problem, and 2)what is the problem?



If (as you say) you can see the coolant leaking why don’t you get underneath and find where the coolant is coming from???


The leaking may be from a loose hose clamp or cracked hose.

Check ALL the coolant hoses, including the two heater hoses.


unless you still have a warantee at the repair shop, go find another shop!!

sounds like this shop is grasping for straws and you are paying for the repairs one straw at a time (until they finally grasp at the RIGHT straw.)