Leak in vehicle

Thank you for considering my question. have a 1998 Lincoln Town Car. There is a leak on the passenger side of the car. The floor will be wet when it rains or when the snow melts. The rear passenger side will have water setting that I wetvac. The front is less wet, but wet nonetheless. I took to a body shop three years ago. They said they found the leak associated with the blower motor for the heating/cooling system. Their fix lasted until about four weeks ago. I took it back, they kept it for a week and say they can’t find the leak. What counsel can you provide. Thank you so much!

Do you have a sunroof? Just as a check I assume you have no coolant loss.

No coolant leaks. The sun roof tracks were cleaned and no blockages appeared.

When it is dry, check it out by pouring water down the drain at each corner of the sunroof. You should get water draining outside the car each time.