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Lawnmower death

oil fills with gas because of running rich because choke sticks then cylinder wall scratches

My dad used to buy these riding lawn mowers and repair them for resale before his eyesight went bad. He said the jets on the carb are dirty and that causes it to run rich. He suggested replacing the carb entirely. I hope this helps.

yes, that usually is the case, however, this time the choke got 3/4 stuck, ran rich, and it was all over

Any chance part of that was due to using an SM rated oil?

idk what that is, i took the piston out, the rings are fine, everthing is scratched to sh*t because of the 100:1 gas/oil mix

I would have thought it would be more likely the float sticking but whatever. They have chrome rings available that are used to stop oil burning and seat themselves. Worth a try. Otherwise you can get replacement engines fairly reasonably or just time for a new model. When I finally got rid of mine I figured it was way cheaper per year to buy a new one than keep fixing the old one.