Latch on my 98 Windstar is stuck in locked. will be -18 tonght

Latch on my 98 Windstar is stuck in locked. I can’t shut the door and it is minus 8 outside - going down to -18 tonight(wind chill -30) Snow is drifting into not complely shut door. I will leave my hot chocolate inside and go out to try the best suggestion. thank you

You should be able to roll the latch to the unlocked position with a heavy screwdriver.

Take a fair sized plastic bag and fill it half full of warm water. Lay the bag up against the latch mechanism. With a little luck the heat from the water will be enough to thaw the latch. This plastic bag trick works with frozen keyholes too. There’s a lot of heat in warm water and the limp plastic bag makes for close contact with what you’re trying to thaw. Of course, if you’re within range of an electrical extension cord, a hair dryer works too.

Try a hair dryer. If that does not work, stuff a blanket in the opening. In the morning, get up a half-hour earlier and warm up the car.

Thank you. I have rolled the latch part way but cannot sink it further.
I have come back inside to sip a warm drink. It is now -14 degrees.

Are you holding the inside or outside door handle in the open position before attempting to move the latch? That’s what worked on our 98 Windstar, but it doesn’t get that cold in South Jersy.

Good luck,

Ed B.