Large Stop Signs confuse Tesla's "Full Self-Driving" Technology

In addition to NOT always stopping for pedestrians, now there are complaints that Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” tech will stop the car very far from a stop sign if the sign is larger than usual.

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No vehicle has been approved for “Full Self-Driving”. Tesla is pushing the envelope at the risk of peoples lives.


Maybe people should start wearing stop signs? I foresee a new fashion trend.


I think there was a billboard with a stop sign on it that was causing Teslas to stop on the road.
Billboard Confuses Tesla Autopilot Reminds Why AVs Aren’t Ready (

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Maybe the software (i.e. the programmers) assuming stop signs are all the same size, and using that to figure how far the car is away from the stop sign. Something big and far away looks similar to something small and close. Folks who claim to see UFO’s probably get confused by this. (Weekend tv has a lot of UFO shows in my area, hard to resist … lol …)

Yes, but that certainly doesn’t say anything of a positive nature about that software or its developers.

That would NOT be the engineers who coded it. It would be the design spec that told them they’re all the same size. And I seriously doubt that it would be a problem anyways. I can’t see the program using size of an object to determine how far away it is. If so then it would have a hell of a problem determining how far away people are, or dogs are, or cars are or trucks are, or buildings are…etc…etc

Stupidity is easy to resist.

Maybe so, but when programs about UFOs and/or Bigfoots are on, pretty good chance I’m watching … lol …

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