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Lag in acceleration on Subaru

I have a 1998 subarbu impreza outback 2.2L

115000 miles. I have been feeling a sort of lag in power lately that almost feel like slipping usually in lower gears trying to get power. usually trying to speed up or go up hill when just to high a gear. I have felt it in 5th before on the high way… it does seem to come and go. I didn’t feel this 5000 miles ago. I thought it might be secondary ignition but I’ve had that before and it’s much jerkier. I’ve recently had the spark plugs and fuel filter changed. That was a month ago. I’ve also treated the car regularly over the last 10000 mile with fuel injecter cleaner. The car is on still on it’s first clutch. Could it be related to the springs on the plates- loose connection or maybe the clutch is going? Any thoughts… Sorry I gave so much information; I hope I haven’t baised you with my thoughts.

You are due for a new clutch so that is most likely the trouble. You got your moneies worth on that one.

I concur. Based on both the symptoms and the odometer mileage, I strongly suspect that your clutch is the problem.