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Lack of power in the morning

My car is a honda life made in japan, from which i currently reside. my problem is that first thing in the morning or whenever that car has sat long enough to cool down, i have now power when i hit the accelerator. i do not have this problem in reverse or after the car has warmed up. this happens even if i put the peddle all the way to the floor. however i have found that if i release the peddle and then press it again the car drive normally. the oil has been changed regularly and the transmission fluid is 6 months old form the last transmission flush. i have no idea what the problem is and the machanics on base do not know either. i am sorry but i forgot to mention that in okinawa there are 10 military bases here so i get my car care primarily from them, mostly because i do not know how to speak japanese. please help. i think the year of the car is a 1998 or it is 1995.

Thank you for any help
James Medford

Thank you for serving for our country.

When was the last time the fuel filter was replaced?


Like Tester says, It does sound like a fuel problem. The curious clue is that it doesn’t happen in reverse. hmmm … well, it could be debris in the fuel tank is clogging the fuel inlet port to the fuel pump, and in reverse you jar it loose, but going forward it stays. Likewise, pressing on the pedal, then releasing, and pressing again could jar the debris loose. Just a theory.

I guess if this were my car and all the routine maintenance was up to date, the fuel pressure tested ok, and replacing the fuel filter didn’t work, I’d ask my mechanic to check the fuel pump inlet screen.

I’m wondering if it’s not a problem with the fuel mix. When cold it should be running richer which should be controlled by computer. Does the car “fast idle” when cold? Probably not noticing in reverse because you are only moving a short distance. You’ll probably have to take it to your mechanic for diagnosis.

I dont know if the fuel filter has been checked but i will have it checked, but just in case that is not the problem what else could it possibly be. to tester thank you for the support and if the car guys look at this thanks for allowing your show to be played on AFN