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Kristin Acton Full tank Stalling

If the make & model was given I missed it, but Dodge/Chrysler apparently thruogh a web search have a very common failure of a valve in the gas tank that allows raw fuel into the evaporation canister that then cause engine flooding. The solution is either to pull the tank, or only fill the tank 3/4 full.

Kristin is definitely a candidate for Stump the Chumps!

I think the call was regarding a 2000 Hyundai Sonata.
I have one too (Automatic, not a V6) and may or may not have had the problem.
When I bought the car though, the owners did have the problem.
They told me to always open the gas cap s.l.o.w.l.y.
They may have said to close it slowly too but I doubt that matters.
So… I think the problem is something -vacuum- related.
An internet post has a similar tale with reference to:
But… I have always done that… opened the cap slowly… and haven’t been aware of the problem. Hope that helps!!!

I have to disagree with the advice that Tom and Ray gave on this car.

I have a 1998 Buick Regal and had this problem a number of years ago. In my case, I took it to several mechanics and no one could figure out. It went on for over 1.5 years. Eventually, the car started to die after I would drive it about 1-2 miles with a cold engine and have to coast to a stop. This went on for 3 months. Eventually, the “Check Engine” light came one after it died. Then, I took it in and they were able to diagnose and fix it very quickly. The problem was the Purge Valve. It is a valve that purges the air out of the tank. It was a relatively inexpensive repair.

I think the reason for the problem is overfilling the fuel tank for years.

I recently suffered through an expensive Hyundai issue. The housing for the crankshaft position sensor failed. The precipitous problems included, but were not limited to: misfiring cylinder (4 of 6), emissions system failures and leaks, and a bad catalytic converter. A few days before I finally was able to replace my dead converter my 01 Sonata began the same problem. Having a scanner on hand, I found that I had a “Purge Flow” error relating to the purge flow canister within my emissions system. Now weeks after having replaced the converter I still have this same issue with not being able to start after gassing up. I have not had a repeat of the “Purge Flow” error, or even a “Check Engine” light, but I have come to accept it as some minor annoyance.

I have adjusted how I start the engine before leaving. The first time I turn the key I let it turn 4 or 5 times and turn off the key. Wait 20 seconds and try again. The second time I turn the key it will usually start firing enough so I can give it enough gas to drive off. While shifting into drive, I hold the gas pedal down a little to keep the rpm’s above 1500. The engine doesn’t stall out again, and I can drive away.

Hope this helps.

This is not a problem with Kristin’s car, but with Hyundais. She described EXACTLY the experience we have had with a 2007 Santa Fe. Otherwise the car has performed well for us but this is precisely what happens when we fill the tank and not at any other time.

I have had a similar issue with a 98 Toyota Corolla. This could be the result of the evaporative emission control system.

One question to ask Kristin or yourselves if you are experiencing this issue is whether you are (or have in the past) overfilling the tank while pumping gas (pumping gas --> click flow stops --> pumping until another click to “top it off”). “Topping it off” can damage the evaporative emission control system. Specifically, the portion of the system that allows fumes from the gas tank to be sent to the engine for re combustion. During normal filling a valve that is used to route the fumes to the engine should stay closed to prevent fuel from working its way into the engine and flooding it. Basically, if this valve that gets damaged in the open position by the “top it off” procedure you will constantly somewhat flood your engine every time you fill your tank.

If this is occurring rather than pump the gas pedal (as described by Kristin) it is better to simply keep the starter engaged until the engine starts on it’s own.

In my case, rather than fix the system (not really critical - relatively expensive for a 10+ year old car), I don’t fill the car up more than a half way. The condition is worse the more gas you put in because more of it is reaching the engine (i.e. more flooded engine). Also, pumping the gas pedal and/or filling it up all the way sometimes triggers a check engine light (error code for the evaporative system) in the Toyota.

Edit: My explanation could also be complete non-sense. This is just how my mechanic explained the condition it to me :wink:

I have a Sonata 200. I also have the same problem and have been researching it for a few weeks. Google is of the opinion this is a vapor canister purge valve problem. The solenoid that causes the valve to open and the gases from a fill up to vent into the fuel injectors is now burnt out. On a six cylinder this device is black plastic and is cylindrical and the size of a pack of cigarettes. It is located on the left, (looking from the front bumper) just in front of the passenger side bulkhead. It has a fuel line in and one out. With a two-wire electrical connector inserted in it.

I just ordered one on line for about $40.

I was surprised at the Car guys’ answers they were far from the Google suggestions. They need to tap into the search engine as a back up.

Google does not have the jokes but it has some good answers.

I am having the exact same problem with my Sonata 2001 GLS. Where did you order this device on line. What is it called. I like to try Auto zone to see if they have the item… Thank you for the information… That makes a lot of sense. I just had my car at the mechanic friday and they had never heard of the proble that I am having…

It’s been a while. But as for everybody else, I agree when you say pump is one causing the problem. Same story my mechanic told me. Find good car parts for replacement. Maybe the car needs some refreshment.

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