Kirkland Batteries Vs Interstate Vs?



I’d guess Lifecycle Technology is a marketing term, not a manufacturer. I did a web search and found no reference to the term at all. If it is a manufacturer, I should have found something.


Lifecycle Technology sounds like something the sales department created.
Since this very old post was revived, my understanding is there are only a few battery manufacturers producing the various brands.
The warranties are a number game too.


That is very interesting

I live in Los Angeles, and our Costco now carries Interstate batteries . . . but they’re no longer pro-rated

Once the free replacement period is up, that’s it

It’s simpler for everybody involved, but not necessarily better

About 4 years ago, I bought a Kirkland signature battery at Costco

A few months ago, I discovered it was bad. I was past the free replacement period, but I was in the 50% pro-rated period. So I only paid 1/2 price for a new battery, which was an Interstate

So if this Interstate battery also fails after 4 years, I’ll have to pay the entire price of a new battery

I wonder if the Kirkland signature batteries sold in Canada are still made by Johnson Controls . . .