[Kind of SOLVED] Weird AT Shifting Problem


My car is 1990 BMW E34 M20B20 that uses 4HP22 transmission and here is the problem:

When I put it from P into R it makes a sound like a hitting and doesn’t move but you can understand it is on load, because when I step on the gas, engine cannot outrun 2000 rpm (even at trying to rev).

When I shift into N, it starts to move forward and it’s drivable but not an engaged drive, and while traveling or not, when I shift from N into D, it retrieves the engaged drive and goes normal.

I think it cannot leave 1st gear or all forward clutches.

What the problem could be?

Sorry for my English,
And thanks for help all given in advance.

How many miles?

300K kilometers. :slight_smile: around 185K miles I think.

Its ATF was changed with Dexron 3 and made dry fill, and also filter changed about 10K km ago.

This guy found a dirty screen and it fixed his problems , which sound exactly like your problem. He even has pics of the screen filter.

So, let me get this straight, I am gonna take down epc solenoid and shift solenoids, and I am gonna either replace or clean them.

Am I right? :slight_smile:

Mine can shift 1-2 (bumpy though), 2-3 and 3-4. It seems it is in first gear (or any forward clutch) even if it can shift truly into P R or N (it is my hypothesis :neutral: ) Changing solenoids might not be a solution I think.

I have read the conversation and I might have missed some part because of my unsatisfactory English.


Could be an linkage issue for me too?

Any ideas fellas?

I disattached the battery cables and after a few hours I attached them and I don’t know the reason why I did that, after I shift into all of gears, it got well, but it might be coincidence I think.

I hope it won’t repeat again.