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Kick down sensor, and the automatic control solinoid for a 1988 toyato camry

Frist i want to thank everyone for their help with my past issues. I now need to know what if any is differance between the kick down sensor and the automatic control solinoid in a automatic transmision in a 1988 toyota camry le that has the electronicly controlled transmision, and also what is the prpupose of two sensors in the tranny. thank you for your help once agian.

I don’t think you have a “kickdown sensor” on your transmission. As I understand it the kickdown is controled by the Transmission Control Module using input from the throttle position sensor. When the TCM sees full throttle and possibly atmospheric manifold pressure from the MAP sensor it would command a down shift depending on the vehicle speed.

Now you do have a Throttle Valve cable running from the throttle body to the transmission. However, this cable and its valving inside the transmission just modulates the line pressure so that shifts become more firm as the throttle is openned.

The actual shifting of the transmission is controled by two solenoids that work in combination to shuttle shift valves. There is also a lockup solenoid for the lockup torque converter.

Two other sensors for the transmission are the input shaft sensor on the transmission reading the rotation speed of the input clutch drums. The vehicle speed is read from the speedometer head by a magnetic switch.

Hope this helps.

when i talked to the toyota dealership they said that the type or tranny it is everything is computerr conteroled and thy are the ones who said that it was the kickdown sensor or a solinoid

Lets go at this from another direction. What is your transmission doing that led you to consult with the Toyota dealership? How many miles are on the Camary? Has the transmission service(s) been kept up to date i.e. fluid, pan drop, and filter change every 30K miles?

Hope to help.