The first mechanic blew my timing belt change. He replaced it but now the engine has a bent rod. I think this is his expense. Yes or No?

Well generally yes, but you have to tell us more details. Is he refusing and if yes what is his explanation?

See the post for Kia bent rod. I tried to condense this so it would be easier to answer. He hasn’t said why, except to say that after they replaced the belt (after the engine seized) that they ran the engine and it was fine. I would have had no idea because, yes, it ran but it was so rough and rumbly. I was afraid to go back to the original mechanic so I went to the second one and that’s when I found out how poorly the first mechanic had performed his work.

A bent rod is possible but much less likely than a bent valve. Either way, if the mechanic is taking the blame for botching the timing belt, he’s definitely on the hook for any subsequent engine damage.