Kia Sportage 2001 shifting/slipping/shuddering

Yes I have a Kia Sportage (please don’t laugh, I know it stands for killed-in-action, ugh!), 2001, and lately there has been some “slipping” vibrations that I can feel in the center of the shifting column. Even my teenager (normally a very brave young woman) gets a worried look. Last Friday, the engine light came on and we coasted to a nearby parking lot. The engine died while the car was on. I tried to restart and you could feel all sorts of shuddering all over the car. So I got towed.

The mechanic I went to said I had blown a spark plug, probably due to a leaky gasket - oil had gotten on the spark plug causing it to crack. Plus my timing belt could use replacing.

My husband cheaped out on me and decided NOT to replace the timing belt (or subsequent waterpump replacement that also happens upon the replacement). Yes, it is expensive. But I’m the family chaffeur.

Do you think there is possibly anything else that is causing the shuddering vibration down under the shifting column? Maybe the clutch? The serpentine belt?

Additionally, I had my engine coils replaced just this Fall (all of them) so I doubt (but worry) it could be something like that.

I drove my teenager to school this morning, and could still feel (she could too)that vibration going on underneath us. Like something else is loose and going to come claning out of there while driving.