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Kia Rio ticking sound after engine is turned off? (VIDEO)



I have a Kia Rio 2012 1.2 Diesel and I am experiencing this “ticking” sound after the engine is turned off(see video) for about 5-10 secounds.
I feel no difference in how the car runs and the check engine light is not on.

Is there anyone here who has an idea what this could be and how critical it is?

Usually, a “ticking” noise after shutting off the engine is the result of contraction of the metal in the exhaust system as it cools, but yours doesn’t sound like that situation.

Does the noise seem to come from the passenger compartment or the engine compartment? If from the passenger compartment it could be a problematic hvac actuator. Sometimes the lose their home position and will attempt to search for it after the engine is shut off.


It seem to be coming from the engine compartment.