Kia or Toyota


We are inheriting an 06 Kia sorento, 6000 miles and wonder what you think. Would it be better to sell it and use the money to buy a low mileage toyota? or just keep the Kia?

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I can’t see any way that you will not lose money by selling this car and buying another. If you just can’t stand it, then I suppose it will be worth it, but the car is practically brand new and should be good functional transportation for the next 10 years. Why get rid of it?


A Kia of such a recent vintage is almost as good as a Toyota, or anything else. And the resale value of Kias are terrible, so you would be much better off driving the Kia into the ground, which will likely take some time - they aren’t the Kias of the 90’s.


I just this last weekend bought a new Consumer Reports Used Car Buyers’ Guide to help a friend look for a new used buggy. The reliability ratings on Kias were terrible. As was depreciation.

However, since you’re getting it at no cost and that’s the one you’re getting regardless of any ratings, and since you’re unlikely to get much for it on the market, I think the best option is to keep it. If it becomes unreliable, you can always sell it then. The major depreciation has happened already.


Agree this is a special situation, and being given a nearly new car that depreciates quickly will tell you to keep it, maintain it well, and put some money into it every now & then. Kia is the fastest growing car company in America, so parts, service, and dealers will be nearby. This car is not an orphan! Kia repairs are not outlandishly expensive either. and the warranty is quite good. Unless you travel extensively on business, and go into very remote areas frequently, I think you will be quite happy with the car. Some cars you should sell the minute you get them; a friend of mine in Houston inherited a Jaguar XKS 12 cylinder sportscar from his late father-in-law in Chicago. He went to pick it up and spent $4200 in repairs on the way back to Houston. You get the picture.