Kentucky red border title (Salvage)

Good afternoon everyone, I purchased the vehicle off of eBay with a Kentucky red border title. I found out from my home state (North Carolina ) that they will not accept a Kentucky red border title. I figured I would check here to see if anyone knows which states I may be able to convert this salvage title into a rebuilt title?

You are talking about ( title washing ) which is illegal . You can’t title a vehicle in a state you do not live in . Plus any advice you get from a forum might not be correct. Maybe you can just drive it to Kentucky and sell it to a used vehicle dealer and take your loss.


I would like to sale the vehicle to a person that can register it in their state. If I knew it the time I cannot register in my State I would’ve passed on purchase.

Why not Kentucky? If the vehicle will pass inspection in Kentucky the Kentucky DMV should be able to issue a rebuilt title.

I contacted Kentucky DMV and was told that they would only do it for a Kentucky resident

Well for us old people, as Laurel told Stan: “here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into”. I guess a caution on buying from Ebay. I guess maybe put it back on Ebay again with the note that it’s salvage. Seems like a lot of these cars come out of New Jersey though but not sure what their laws are. I think most states will title it with an inspection.

Were any statements made by the seller false? If so, maybe Ebay could help you.

In WA. state, if you buy a car with a “SALVAGE” title, once you rebuild and fix the car, you take the car and all paperwork and ALL receipts for the parts you bought to fix it to the state patrol for a rebuild inspection.

The state patrol will give you paperwork stating the car was satisfactorily rebuilt, you then take that paperwork to the department of licensing and get a “REBUILT” title.

We cannot register “SALVAGE” titles in WA. either. But after passing inspection we can get it registered as a “REBUILT” title

You might check and see if all you have to do is get it inspected before registering it.

All your paperwork and VIN #'s better match. You need receipts for EVERYTHING to prove you’re not using stolen parts.

If this car has already been repaired, and you don’t have all the paperwork, you’re screwed.

Have you found anything out? I’m in ohio and traded a truck in Kentucky for one with a red border title. I was told it had a rebuilt title and I’d have no issue getting one here. The guy isnt interested in trading back and not sure how to go about this. Trying to find an attorney to help.

Even if the original poster replies you are in a different state so their solution may not apply .

I was told vehicles with this title cant be sold out of the state of kentucky.

Please tell me how you found out that red titles can’t be sold out of the state of Kentucky. We have hired an attorney and we need any information to help resolve our issue.

Thank you

I bought a truck with a Kentucky red title. Tried getting a title in my name in ohio and the title office couldn’t do anything for me. I went to Kentucky to get title put in my name down there then sold the truck. Lost about $7,000.

Thank you for your response. I’m sorry you lost money. We bought a Tiffin Allegro Bus motorhome from a dealership in Kentucky on March 13, 2019. We never got a title from him until December 2019. The title was from Pennsylvania! We took it to Indiana where we live to get it titled. We didn’t find out until January 31, 2020 that we couldn’t get it titled. Texas had it titled as “non-repairable” which means never allowed to be on the road. We hired an attorney in February. And since the motorhome is not legally allowed on the road, its in storage in Florida. So far, we out $166,000. We hope we have leverage since the dealership “title washed” the title through Pennsylvania. Wish us luck!