Kentucky red border title (Salvage)



Good afternoon everyone, I purchased the vehicle off of eBay with a Kentucky red border title. I found out from my home state (North Carolina ) that they will not accept a Kentucky red border title. I figured I would check here to see if anyone knows which states I may be able to convert this salvage title into a rebuilt title?


You are talking about ( title washing ) which is illegal . You can’t title a vehicle in a state you do not live in . Plus any advice you get from a forum might not be correct. Maybe you can just drive it to Kentucky and sell it to a used vehicle dealer and take your loss.


I would like to sale the vehicle to a person that can register it in their state. If I knew it the time I cannot register in my State I would’ve passed on purchase.


Why not Kentucky? If the vehicle will pass inspection in Kentucky the Kentucky DMV should be able to issue a rebuilt title.


I contacted Kentucky DMV and was told that they would only do it for a Kentucky resident


Well for us old people, as Laurel told Stan: “here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into”. I guess a caution on buying from Ebay. I guess maybe put it back on Ebay again with the note that it’s salvage. Seems like a lot of these cars come out of New Jersey though but not sure what their laws are. I think most states will title it with an inspection.


Were any statements made by the seller false? If so, maybe Ebay could help you.


In WA. state, if you buy a car with a “SALVAGE” title, once you rebuild and fix the car, you take the car and all paperwork and ALL receipts for the parts you bought to fix it to the state patrol for a rebuild inspection.

The state patrol will give you paperwork stating the car was satisfactorily rebuilt, you then take that paperwork to the department of licensing and get a “REBUILT” title.

We cannot register “SALVAGE” titles in WA. either. But after passing inspection we can get it registered as a “REBUILT” title

You might check and see if all you have to do is get it inspected before registering it.

All your paperwork and VIN #'s better match. You need receipts for EVERYTHING to prove you’re not using stolen parts.

If this car has already been repaired, and you don’t have all the paperwork, you’re screwed.