Keep the Honda or the BMW?

I have the choice of keeping a 98 Honda Accord 6 cyl, auto, with 163xxx, or an 02 BMW 325i auto with 105xxx. Both maintained well and with the same drivers.

Which car would be more likely to be more reliable over the next 50-100 thousand miles?

If driving the BMW does nothing more for you than driving the Honda, this is a no-brainer. The Honda is going to be much cheaper to operate and will be much less prone to needing major repairs. Not that the BMW couldn’t be reliable up to or past 200k, but it will cost a lot more to do so and will have a better chance of a major component failure. People do not buy BMW’s for their long-term reliability. Plus, you will get a lot more money selling a 5-year old BMW than a 9-year old Honda.

This is a little like asking if you should eat fruit of vegetables. Other than having four wheels and an engine, they have little in common. If cost is your primary concern and you can put up with driving it, keep the honda.

It’s a coin flip IMHO.

You won’t be able to get off too cheaply with either one if you take care of them right. Sell either one, but which is the most fun to drive?

Fortunately, “fun to drive” is covered by the '72 corvette roadster in the 3rd bay of my garage! Thanks to all who responded.

In 50k - 100k miles the Honda is going to incur some more serious and expensive repairs/maintenance. On the Honda examples are the timing belt ($700+), suspension parts($1000+), and possibly auto transmission(weak point on Honda’s).

The BMW will never incur a timing belt and the suspension will likely last the duration you speak of.

I give a thumb up to BMW over Honda. I have experienced two Honda’s past 150k miles and was not enamoured by the “Golden” Honda nameplate.

sell both and go get a new, reliable car