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K-N air filters

Do these filters really enhance performance? I live in Colorado, so oxygen for my vehicles is less than in the lowlands.

Only at wide-open throttle, and only if the rest of the intake system is very well-designed. No impact during normal driving.

…and, unless you are VERY careful to avoid over-oiling the K & N filter, there is a real potential for damage to your Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor.

I agree with tesases and VDCdriver.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s you could gain power and mileage by improving the breathing of most cars, but today, they already breath very well and there is little to do that will result in any measurable amount short of some very serious work.

The altitude will not make any measurable noticeable difference.

Thanks! I need a littke more hp pulling my trailer over the high mtn passes. Every little bit helps.


I have seen the huge air filter on the Silverado and I think that no improvement would happen with a different intake system.

I had a K & N filter in two vehicles I have owned. Although not particularly difficult, I hated cleaning the filter and re-oiling it. I scrapped both and went back to paper . . . just easier and when you check Wal-Mart or Advance, paper filters go on sale for as little as $5, not worth the effort for me. I’d rather just change the paper element. Performance? Never really noticed much difference, MPG and performance about the same. Never tried the whole cold air intake set-up so I can’ t speak to that. Rocketman