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A Robot Cop hands you a traffic ticket

Considering Arizona residents were attacking the Waymo cars, and (if I recall correctly) Philadelphia’s fine citizenry attacked another automated car, I don’t necessarily believe that Robots will necessarily help

If a machine is damaged. It only costs money to fix or replace. A police officer could be hurt by the stopped driver or by oncoming traffic. Using a robot also means the stopped driver is not going to be shot by the police when an armed criminal pulls a gun or the officer mistakes a solid citizen’s intentions when he fumbles around for license and registration. Robocops are worth a try in this application.

Makes sense to me…
Robots were coming…
now they’re here!

We already have robots at shipping, warehouses, airports, hospitals, grocery stores (including Wal-Mart), police bomb squads and SWAT teams, as masons, etcetera.

Robots are inevitable, practical, expendable, life saving, and cost saving. They work looong shifts, don’t tire out, don’t whine.

Many folks demanding higher pay ($15/hour minimum wage, for example) for work at menial jobs are seeing their human positions eliminated and replaced by robots to keep costs contained and passed to customers.

Robots make it possible for doctors to perform surgery where no doctors are available thousands of miles distant.

Good, bad, or otherwise, robots are just getting started…

The artificial intelligence nature of many robots should create some interesting topics for future discussions…
Dave: Open the pod bay door, HAL.
HAL: I’m afraid I can’t do that, Dave.

Seems expensive and unnecessary.

And now we’re blaming workers for being thrown out of their jobs by robots.

Will we be blaming long distance truckers for being out of work when their jobs are automated?

One other thought. Who gets a ticket when a fully automated car is cited for going 95 in a 65 zone?

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The programmer.

Exceeding the speed limit seems far fetched. I see the speed limit on my GPS app, and it has always been correct. If it occurred, I guess the truck’s owner would get the ticket. That may have been a rhetorical question, but I decided to answer anyway.