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Just when you think you've seen it all

Oh, he hit the tree. I thought he was just hauling it home. When I bought my 59 VW with a sun roof, the salesman told me an architect had owned it and used to haul 2x4s sticking up through the sun roof, but never trees.

I was actually a she…And believe it or not she didn’t pass a sobriety test.

I saw this on the news the other day, during my lunch break

We saw the woman stumbling through the sobriety test. The officer had to catch her, or else she would have done a face plant :flushed:

I saw this on the news. It appeared the radiator would have been destroyed. I can only guess that there was no gushing steam because all coolant was gone! If her lawyer gets her out of this one I want their business card!!!

This give a new meaning to “green car”.

At least it’s not a human being implanted on the nose of the car.

Where’s that “wood car” thread again… :smiley:

Actually, she’s lucky she didn’t take down a power line or two.

Her neighbors are lucky they busted her and that she didn’t do any more damage than that. I hope her license is suspended for a long time, and that someone finds a way to keep the keys away from her.

In Minneapolis you have to have a license for tree work. The penalty is far worse than a DWI.